Terms and Policies

These terms and policies valid from August 3rd, 2013

1. Payment policies:

As you know, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, eBay, PayPal and others online payment gateway providers such as: Godaddy, Moneybookers, Alertpay... prohibit transactions related to cigarettes/tobacco goods.

buy cigarettes paypal


buy cigarettes moneybooker

buy cigarettes godaddy

buy cigarettes online

buy cigarettes online

So, the only way We can receive the payment is Western Union. Please read the instructions here


The prices on this website are applied for that payment method above only. Customers will pay the fee (not updated):

If you send from the US

You send 51-100 USD, fee is 7usd

You send 101-500 USD, fee is 10usd

If you send from the European (Ex: you're in England)

You send 0-73 USD (50GBP), fee is 3.9 GBP

You send 74-146 USD (100GBP), fee is 5.9 GBP

 Please note, some websites sells cigarettes and accept payments via credit card are not safe. The rules are applied by Visa and Master Card... companies. All trustful sites should accept Western Union or Money Gram, Bank tranfer only. 

2. Shipping Policy

We offer free ship to worldwide for all orders.

Delivery takes 7-14 working days, depending on the country and how fast the customs clear the parcel for delivery.

Insurance is included.

3. Customs check, import tariff and tax

We can only export/ship Vietnam Cigarettes only.

International Cigarettes, such as Esse, June, International 555 is prohibited to export. We can only ship them domestically.

We will declare as gift with a small value.

If you're from the US and European countries, except France, We guarantee you'll receive the cigarettes. If your cigarettes is returned by the customs. We will freely ship back to you again with no cost. Or we will offer you a full refund.

If you're from Australia, New Zealand and France, please contact us at kogiay@yahoo.com. We must increase a little higher price because of high risk (still free reship if it's seized)

If you're from the rest of the world, Please don't be hesistant to contact us. We will offer you good advices based on our experiences.

4. Returns and refund Policy 

All the refund will be processed by Paypal.

+ You don't like our cigarettes, You want to return the rest:

Our solutions: We will offer you a partial refund, shipping cost is not refundable.

+ The customs refused the package. It's shipped back to sender (me) or totally seized

Our solutions:

You will receive a full refund or free re-ship.

Before shipping cigarettes & take payment, if your location is high risk, I will contact you to discuss more. 

+ You havent received the package for 30days since you paid me! There is no informations of the tracking number!

Our solutions: A full refund will be offered. 

+ How much percent of cigarettes that will be returned/seized by the customs?

In average, 70% should pass and 30% will be seized or returned. There are always thousands of returned parcels in the stock of the shipping company.

We're always keep our words. If we can ship, we will accept the order/payment. 


5. Our guarantees:

+100% products are high quality. They are < 5 months old.

+We always keep our words. Your satisfy is our goal!

6. About us:

We sell thousands products in 3 main kinds: jewerly, ships in bottles and cigarettes both to domestic and international customers. Let's visit our websites :

www.shipinbottle.net: Vietnamese handicraft products ships in bottles and ship in light bulb; natural gemstone and jewelry

www.trangsucusa.com Natural gemstone jewelry

www.vietnamtobacco.com: Vietnam Cigarettes.

Please make friend with me on Facebook at link:


This is my active Facebook account, there're my close friends. If I'm not honesty, I can't prevent you from posting negative posts about the transaction. My friend will see it!

So I must try my best to make all customers fell completely satified. Please deal with me confidently.

But please do not write any post on my page that regarding the cigarettes transaction. I don't want my friend know about my business.