About us

About us

We started the business 5 years ago. We sell Fengshui stone, natural gemstone Jewelry to domestic customers; and ships in bottles, cigarettes to international customers. 

After a long time on trading cigarettes, we experienced a lot. We shipped to many countries. We keep in touch with a lot of customers and resellers... We also experienced about cigarettes trading on the world. 

Now we are still learning, testing new ways to offer the best satisfaction to all customers: safe payment system, good compensation for any losses, pass though customs check... sometimes we got big lost, many parcels were seized and full refunds must be offered to keep our words!

Now we are much more confident. We know the way to pass the customs in many big countries: USA, England, France, Spain, Australia,... . That's so fantastic!

But there is no good payment system for cigarettes products. Many websites were closed because of that reason. The safest way is personal payment, via Money Gram, WU, Remittance, bank transfer... The restricted rules are applied from Visa, MasterCard, to hundreds of payment gateway providers. If they know we trade cigarettes, the account will be closed and charged a penalty. All support from credit card providers would be terminated because of violation

We know you're worry about ordering from us when you read these facts. If we take out money and don't send anymore, you can't get money back! Sure! 

But we understand our trading is a long - term business. So we never, and have no reason to do that! Your satisfaction is the most important factor for our long - term profit! Let us have an opportunity to offer you good products and service.

For 5 years in selling cigarettes, we have only 1 unsatisfied customer. He's from New York - a very stricky states in US. We said we can only offer a parial refund if the customs stop, before shipping, he accepted . Then we did. Unfortunately, the customs stopped it, he received the partial refund but also ask for more money.

The others are very satisfy. We work not only for profit, but also prove that Vietnamese is honesty and reliable. Here is a feed back from a 5-years customer, from the US:

I have done business with many online sellers over the years.

However; for Quality of Product, Competitive Pricing, and Excellence of Service, None can compare or compete with Vietnam Cheapest Cigarettes.

They are by far the best online product provider I have seen in over 40 years…


Olen Stewart

And here is a feedback from Admin of Talking Smoke Culture forum:


I ordered 200 cigs from here and they arrived no problem. No cold calling or hassle, just a one time smooth order, but of course they could be copies?

(Please note that our products are genuine - authentic. The price is very low because cigarettes's tax here are lower, materials are produced in Vietnam, and the labor cost is very low)

Many thanks for your reading